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The Most Effective Autism Treatment Method

Several autism treatment methods have been used to help autism patients over the last few decades. Most of these therapies are aimed at reducing the abnormal behavior and defects associated with this condition. Effective treatment will improve the functional dependence, social interaction, communication, brain function, and the quality of life of autistic children and adults.


Life Lessons You Can Learn From Your Autistic Child


Every parent knows that when you bring a child into this world, it’s exactly like exposing one your vital organs, like your heart or brain, for all the world to see and there’s nothing you can do about it, rendering you vulnerable. And having a child with a developmental disability is a delicate situation that should be handled with extra care and tenderness as well. (more…)


mother and childAutism is an ailment that is characterized by the impairment of communication and social interactions due to the neural development. It affects the processing of information in the brain by modifying the organization and connection of nerve cells and their own synapses. The criteria of diagnosis of autism demand that the signs and symptoms become evident during the initial three years after a child is born.

Causes of Autism

Autism is a condition that is caused due to the neurological disorders that has an impact on the functionality of the brain. This in turn affects the person’s development in terms of social interaction and communication skills.
Individuals who suffer from autism have a problem using the non-verbal mode of communication. They also have issues with activities that involve some kind of banter or play and socialization among friends. (more…)

MMR Vaccine / Autism Link Confirmed

Watch this breaking news video about the confirmed link between MMR Vaccine and Autism featuring Dr. Andrew Wakefield

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hospital The many hospitals in New York offer excellent services to patients who suffer from different maladies at affordable costs irrespective of color and creed. With the highly skilled and qualified doctors from all over the world registered by the authorities, offer quality health care services supported by dedicated teams of in-house medic staff. New York state department on health matters ensures that the patients who are attended to get the best medical services in nyc hospitals, in case of any complaint against any of the health facility investigations are duly done whether it was touching on the environmental issues or treatment procedures. (more…)